Sylvia Shines


Friends of Sylvia said...

Over the years it has been my pleasure to know and work with Sylvia most recently through the EDGE program and in the past as a guest and observer of her CSAM program at Spelman. I know few mathematicians who convey such a sense of welcome, not because of an insecure desire to please; but rather a calm and confident strength. Her contributions to
the mathematical community especially the co-founding and shepherding of the EDGE program and her mentorship of so many women students will leave a lasting legacy.

Keep up the wonderful work Sylvia!
~Fern Hunt

Friends of Sylvia said...

Dr. Bozeman was my Analysis instructor at Spelman, then mentor as I prepared for graduate school, then boss for about 10 years( between the Spelman-Bryn Mawr Math summer program and EDGE), now friend as I embark up on parenthood and professional life.
Throughout, sylvia has been consistently supportive, loving, and most of all calm.

The only time I knew I was getting a rise out of Sylvia is when she started her sentence with " Now Diana " :)

Hope to emulate your shine - love ya!!!!

Diana Dismus Campbell C'91

Jeffrey Ehme said...

I remember well the early influence Sylvia had on my career. She was the dept chair when I was a young faculty member. She changed my life more than I could ever have imagined when she asked me, "Why don't you mentor Kori Williams and direct her honors thesis?" Now, after mentoring and working with almost aleph_0 students, I would like to say "thank you" to my colleague, mentor, and friend.

Jeffrey Ehme